Follow the design process of Guild Wars 2’s Nightmare Fractal in behind the scenes video

GW2 Nightmare Fractal

With the launch of the new Nightmare Fractal for Guild Wars 2, the development team have released a special “behind the scenes” video, taking viewers through the design process of this creepy dungeon.

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Set in the Tower of Nightmares before its destruction, this Fractal sees players escorting the Mysterious Asura, the antagonist of the Chaos Isles Fractal, to the core while fighting off various eldritch abominations and clockwork horrors. All the locations from the Tower of Nightmares have been redesigned especially for this Fractal, with some of the themes from that area especially reworked for this experience.

As a Tier 1 fractal, the Nightmare Fractal is supposed be playable by a fresh level 80 character, but have enough mechanical complexity that it will prepare players for later tiers. As such, the Nightmare Fractal is big on teaching players about attack avoidance, with most of the bosses having large area of effect moves which need to be dodged to escape their massive damage.

This culminates with Ensolyss, the final boss of the Fractal, whose second phase turns the fight into a bullet hell encounter, with deadly magic orbs flying everywhere. Players will have to put their dodging skill to the test if they want to truimph over this boss.

The Nightmare Fractal is open for business so watch the above video, then gather your guildmates to conquer this dungeon.