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Guild Wars 2 hits Steam in November, and expansion 3 launches in 2021

Steam and the End of Dragons are on the way

Nearly a decade after its original launch, Guild Wars 2 is finally coming to Steam. The venerable MMORPG has been played primarily through its standalone launcher since its release in 2012, but it’s finally due to hit Valve’s platform in November. Developer ArenaNet has also announced Guild Wars 2’s third major expansion, scheduled to launch in 2021, with a brief teaser trailer.

The Steam version of Guild Wars 2 will launch in November, though ArenaNet has not provided a specific date. The two major expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, will also be available on Steam, as will all Living World content, up through The Icebrood Saga – so no content is getting left behind with the Steam release. This version appears to be geared for new players, though – the store page notes that “existing Guild Wars 2 player accounts cannot be accessed via Steam.”

The third big expansion, End of Dragons, is set to launch in 2021 and will “take players on a journey to Cantha, the mysterious island nation in the south that has been neither seen nor heard from for over 200 years,” as ArenaNet explains in a press release.

You can see the teaser trailer for End of Dragons below.

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