Watch this Guild Wars 2 dev hurl a man off bridge for cheating

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has taken remarkable action against a Guild Wars 2 cheater by stripping him naked, possessing his nude body and then forcing him to leap to his own death from a tower.

Inside the game, obviously. I mean, that goes without saying. I’m not sure why I’ve decided to clarify this in three entirely superfluous sentences. You didn’t for a moment think that ArenaNet murdered a person.

His corpse was then logged out, his character deleted and his account banned. 

The punishment was doled out by game security lead Chris Cleary, who wrote on the Guild Wars 2 forum of how he came across some video evidence that incriminated the cheating player.

For our amusement, and as a warning to other would-be cheaters, Cleary also uploaded a macabre video depicting the player’s final moments.

The banned player had made use of third-party tools in the MMOs PvP arenas, allowing him to zip around the map at superhuman speeds and hide behind polygons like a cheeky ghost.

Here’s the footage that sealed his fate.

Thanks Eurogamer.