ArenaNet terminated 1,600 Guild Wars 2 bot accounts; will be detecting and banning more every day


ArenaNet have detailed the work that’s gone into detecting and banning bots in Guild Wars 2. The mainstay of goldfarmers and real money traders, bots are a plague on servers: they fill up the population, mine all the resources, and they’re no fun to play with. ArenaNet have so far terminated the accounts of 1,600 bots. They say this is only the beginning, “we will be increasing the rate of account termination to remove them.”

More on their anti-bot crusade below.

Writing onArenaNet’s blog, Mike Lewis, security co-ordinator,posted details a two prong plan “We are actively improving our means of detecting ‘bot’ activity in the game automatically,” he wrote. And,”recently we have also hired a team of data specialists who will be helping us create more effective tools for analyzing reports of ‘botting.’

“As a side effect, these efforts directly impact the operations of third-party gold sellers (and spammers). In conjunction with ‘bot’ removal we also take Real Money Trading very seriously and actively remove hundreds of gold spammers and sellers each day.

“In short, we are fully committed to keeping this community free of bots and illicit gold sellers, and we very much appreciate your assistance in identifying and eliminating them.”

This should mean that in the coming weeks more and more bots will be detected and thrown out of Tyria.