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Greatest Hits: Guild Wars 2 revisits the past for Festival of the Four Winds

Festival of the Four Winds

Guild Wars 2 has easily been considered MMO royalty in the almost two years it has been around, its ‘Living World’ content generally seen as solid additions to the game and frequently keeping the world of Tyria a fresh and funky place to be. 

The good people of China are only just getting to know Guild Wars 2 though, and whilst NCSoft’s China launch is going well for Guild Wars 2, new Chinese players have missed out on many months of great content. The Festival of the Four Winds is about to change that. 

Whilst turning back the clocks on Guild Wars 2’s world would perhaps be a bit much, elements of the game’s best received past events are coming back for the Festival. The two currently confirmed headlining acts are The Zephyrites and Queen Jennah. The Zephyrites have returned to the Labyrinthine Cliffs and will be open for business for the first time since the Bazaar of the Four Winds event last July. Queen Jennah has reopened the Crown Pavilion, which last accepted guests at the Queen’s Jubilee event in August.

The Festival of the Four Winds will kick off on May 20th, although for how long we don’t yet know.