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Guild Wars 2 to get mobile authenticator


During the long, dark night in which hackers began systematically testing Guild Wars 2 accounts using email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and websites, ArenaNet’s canny email authentication system – triggered by a change in login location – has been an invaluable last ditch safety net. Since that time, it’s saved many an account from being bundled into an unmarked truck and spirited away, password changed.

For others, though, who perhaps live a more transient life, it’s become the bane of their relationship with GW2. But ArenaNet plan to sort that out.

In a Guild Wars 2 forum post, one fans pleads a little more leniency for those who move frequently between trains/coffee shops/states, to which ArenaNet staffer Gaile Gray replies: “we will have a mobile authenticator very soon.”

Our Nick had a lucky escape when hackers logged into his account from China thanks to ArenaNet’s system, so it’s good to see its kinks well-ironed. Have you had a lucky escape with GW2?