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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Act 1 guide - everything you need to know


Things are going bump in the night over in Tyria. ArenaNet have woven the festivities of Halloween into the land giving no end of fun misery to the inhabitants. Four bone chilling acts are planned to roll out over the next week up until the 28th where the finale is sure to go down with a bang. We’re going to guide you through this treacherous time:

The first thing you will want to do is head to Lions Arch, where it has been completely coated in Halloween goodness. Most notably is a huge cauldron in the middle to which jumping in grants you a random costume to use in costume brawling. But more on that later.

After you have spent time admiring the new look head on over to Magister Tassi where you can start to look deeper into the story of Mad King Thorn. She will give you a Candy-Powered Matter Meter and tell you to go hunt for six ghosts. These ghosts will give you a better insight into the lore behind Halloween and Mad King Thorn but only if you manage to find them.The device does require candy corn to work. That can be found throughout Tyria in the form of candy corn nodes (just like mining ore). Other ways include Trick-or-Treat Bags or just buying it straight off the trading post.I don’t want to spoil the fun, but to get you started use the Etheric Field next to Magister Tassi to find your first ghost. If you really get stuck you can always check out the Guild Wars 2 wiki for a walkthrough. This will probably continue with Act 2 set to kick off on the 26th.

A Master Carver can also be found in the center of Lions Arch who will tell you of a secret order that craves pumpkins. They have dotted them all around Tyria ready to be carved. Get enough of them and you too can earn the title “Master Carver”. Something to be proud of, right?

Haunted doors have also started popping up around the land. These mysterious creations are interactive objects that can reward players with goodies or punish them depending on your luck. When a player interacts with one the door will open, revealing either an enemy, dynamic event or a Trick-or-Treat Bag. They can be used multiple times before they disappear and killing the ghoulish foes will also net you an achievement.

The Gem store has been invaded by spooky costumes, tonics and mini pets for players to get their hands on. Black Lion chests now have a chance to drop unique Halloween items such as tonics and even weapon skins. ArenaNet is also giving away free Devil Horns so make sure to grab yours before the event is over.

Lastly players can now beat each other senseless with costume brawling. Whenever you don a costume or transform into a monster, you will get access to special skills. These can be used in towns to display your dominance in a punch out styled arena. For ever 25 hits you get without getting knocked out you get one step closer to earning “King of the Costume Brawl”. Careful though because the more fights you win the bigger the crown above your head gets, making you all the more of a juicy target.