Guild Wars 2 Headstart kicking off on the 25th of August


Grab your calendars. That big one that you have to use marker pen on. The one that you write all the game release dates on in bright pink felt tip with an excessive amount of exclamation marks on. Now find August 25th. That’s pretty much two months from now. So flip the page twice. Now write this down in all caps: “GUILD WARS 2 EARLY ACCESS HEADSTART”. What do you mean it doesn’t fit in the box? Buy a bigger calendar.

If you’ve prepurchased Guild Wars 2, that’s when you’re going to be able to start playing the game, ahead of all the nincompoops who figured they’d buy it on day one instead of throwing down their cash months before. The entire game will be unlocked from the 25th, with everyone else rushing in on the 28th. And if you haven’t already, you can prepurchase the game (which is different than a preorder because it makes your bank account sad right now instead of sometime in the future) to get access to the next Beta Weekend, which is also the last, on the 20th of July.
Buy a bigger calendar. You don’t want to be a nincompoop.