Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores update detailed; this weekend’s event will “change Tyria forever”


The Lost Shores is an update large enough to be dubbed “mini-expansion” – a sprawling introduction of new game-chunks beginning this weekend and culminating in a one time only event chain on Sunday. But there’s plenty of new stuff that’ll stick once all of that has blown over, too. Find out exactly what in the deep below the break.

The fattest, meatiest additions to the game include a “mysterious” new zone – available to all players regardless of level – and a tough new dungeon to chew on. There’s also a new PvP map set in a Kodan dojo.

New gear will include additional weapon skins and item enhancements, as well as a new tier of items to slot between ‘Exotic’ and ‘Legendary’. Crafting updates will come in the form of a new resource to harvest, to be used in 200 new recipes.

We’ve already covered the weekend’s main event, but those times again: something cataclysmic is scheduled for Friday 8pm GMT (9pm CET) in Lion’s Arch, setting off a chain of events to be capped by a final event on Sunday at 8pm GMT (9pm CET).

Free trials will run throughout The Lost Shores, beginning when the update build is ushered in on Thursday at 5pm GMT (6pm CET) and ending after the fireworks have died down on Monday at 6am GMT (7am CET).

I haven’t the foggiest what’s going to go down, but you can bet it’ll prominently feature pretty spell effects and bloated battles. See you in Lion’s Arch on Friday?