Guild Wars 2 mod turns game into 3rd person action romp, before swiftly getting you banned


The lads round these parts have waxed as lyrical as their voices will allow about Guild Wars 2. A key improvement it’s made over other MMOs is a combat system that tailors your abilities to the weapons you use, making for a more fight that rolls with your choices, makes it less static. Well a canny modder has fiddled about with the game to make the combat stand out even further, binding the camera to your mouselook, making it more like a third person action game. Only problem is using it will get you banned.

Video and ArenaNet response below.

Binding mouselook to the cursor makes it easier to fight more targets at once, or at least makes it more natural to try. You’re more agile, able to respond faster.

Check it out for yourself in the Dub Step dripping video:

ArenaNet doesn’t see it that way though, responding to a question on the forums, community person Eva, said: “The use of third-party software is not allowed in Guild Wars 2 […]if you feel this is something that would improve the game, then we invite you to post your ideas on the subforum Suggestions, where they will be looked into.”

The mod clearly works and users aren’t reporting being banned but ArenaNet’s position is clear and until it changes the modders aren’t releasing it to the public. Though they claim in the comments to the above video that they have a 1.0 version ready to go.