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Guild Wars 2 patch fixes bugs and curries buns


ArenaNet have released the details of their latest patch for Guild Wars 2. Along with many bug fixes there are a couple of notable additions. Not least the addition of curry buns to Miss Mipp’s arsenal.

The full patch notes are a weighty affair, packed withlittle details like “Fixed an issue with the loot table for undead grubs” and “Reduced difficulty of the Searing Effigy” so if you’d like to know each individual fix do go and read them. Though, if you’re a gamer about town with little time on their hands, these are the ones you should probably be aware of:

  • Miss Mipp at Almuten Mansion now sells Curry Buns instead of directly selling outdated buffs.
  • Surfacing while downed underwater no longer grants invulnerability. This change was made to stop players from exploiting the surface of the water to maintain permanent invulnerability.
  • [in PvP]Autobalance functionality has been updated to give a new volunteer bonus to any players who volunteer for balancing, as well as giving any players balanced the winner bonus. When volunteers are lacking, random selection will be used. The text for this system has also been updated.
  • [And, most importantly of all] fixed a bug that prevented players from entering the at sign (@) in the launcher’s log-in fields when using French Apple keyboards.