Guild Wars 2 release date announcement ‘imminent’ says Korean investment firm


Let’s be honest, we’re all excited about the release of Guild Wars 2. The recent beta weekend event had most of us awake for three days straight and now we’ve nought to do but twiddle our thumbs and continue to wait patiently for an official announcement from ArenaNet. The thing is, it seems as though we might not actually have to wait all that long…

Korean investment banking firm KDB Daewoo Securities has
issued an NCSoft-centred financial report making some exciting predictions. The report not only suggests that
we might see the game’s commercial release in the third quarter of this year,
but also prophesises that an announcement from ArenaNet regarding the release of
the game is ‘imminent’.

As one of the largest firms of its type, the legitimacy of
the predictions isn’t really in question, but what exactly ‘imminent’ translates
to in real-world scheduling is painfully unclear. Whether you choose to adopt
an ‘any day now’ strategy to stave of the shakes that were induced by the
climax of last weekend’s beta, or you decide to take this report with a pinch
of salt, it’s the closest we’re going to get for the time being.

You may now resume thumb twiddling.

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