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Guild Wars 2 servers finalised ahead of Head Start next week


It’s only ten days before the Guild Wars 2 servers switch on, and all of those who’ve prepurchased the game can flood into the game, finally creating a character that’s not going to get wiped the second the beta is over. Because the beta is over. And Guild Wars 2 is about to be released. Not only that, but ArenaNet has announced the server names for both the US and the EU. Time to make a decision.

After the beta weekends, I’m a little partial to Gandara, where I finally found WvWvW to act as its supposed to, with a balanced matchup and beautiful cooperation. But Desolation is also a popular EU choice. We’ll be picking a server soon for our guild, with which we’re going to rule the world. Or reach the pinnacle of whatever a guild can achieve. Or just sit around in the chatroom talking about how that one victory in PvP was so incredible and we should totally do that again sometime.
Anyway, the servers.

US Worlds:

Anvil Rock
Borlis Pass
Yak’s Bend
Henge of Denravi
Sorrow’s Furnace
Gate of Madness
Jade Quarry
Fort Aspenwood
Ehmry Bay
Stormbluff Isle
Sanctum of Rall
Crystal Desert
Isle of Janthir
Sea of Sorrows
Tarnished Coast
North Shiverpeaks
Ferguson’s Crossing

EU Worlds:

Fissure of Woe
Ring of Fire
Far Shiverpeaks
Whiteside Ridge
Ruins of Surmia
Seafarer’s Rest
Piken Square
Aurora Glade
Gunnar’s Hold
Jade Sea [FR]
Fort Ranik [FR]
Augury Rock [FR]
Vizunah Square [FR]
Kodash [DE]
Riverside [DE]
Elona Reach [DE]
Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
Drakkar Lake [DE]
Baruch Bay [ES]

Remember that this is just your ‘home’ server, and the only thing that really has an impact on is who you can fight for in WvWvW. If you’ve got friends on other servers, you can visit them on those servers to play with them. Which is lovely.