Guild Wars 2 trailer heralds new Southsun update with sea, sand and slaughter


After a year in which the new Guild Wars has flourished and stayed that way, you might be forgiven for thinking that ArenaNet can do no wrong. Well, hear this: the developers have named their latest update the Last Stand at Southsun. Guess who they didn’t hire to deliver the trailer? Sean Connery. An irrecoverable error.

They’ve done their best to make up for it with a creature that looks like four angry rocks pulling apart a prawn, but is in fact a single, (presumably) sentient being. Look: you’d better see for yourself.

The beastie in question is under the control of Canach, a desperate Sylvari renegade driven to free new settlers on Southsun from exploitation by The Consortium. He’s made a terrible mistake, however, and it’s up to you and Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard to put it right.

Complete the solo mission and you’ll unlock a group adventure. And from June 5, an oversized specimen will lead the tropical island’s wildlife in a final assault against its settlers – so stick around to see off that.

Elsewhere, this week’s update sees a slew of improvements to World vs World: a greater variety of XP rewards, new daily achievements, new abilities, infusions and ascended gear purchasable from map merchants, and new opponents thanks to some matchup changes.

Will you be heading to Southsun to stab at fell crustaceans, or entering the competitive multiplayer fray in updated WvW?