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Guild Wars 2’s Valentine’s Day celebrations let you say it with roses


Love is in the air like the smog from my local paper factory. It’s sitting on the hearts of gamers like the papier mache resin that sits on my lungs. And Arenanet are letting Guild Wars 2 players express these and other emotions within the game, not just with private messages and announcements in general chat, but with giftable items that are deemed romantic by society: (blood) red roses (with thorns, presumably), a new red dye pack (of lies), and a discount on the self style hair kit (there is no way of turning this to reflect my blackened loveless heart).

More details on the Valentine’s day celebrations below.

Evon Gnashblade announced the sales over on the Guild Wars 2 community site, saying “The Black Lion Trading Company is getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with an exclusive new item and limited time discounts.” From now till the 18 February you can pick up a bunch of roses. Buying a bouquet will bestow “[five]romantic non-combat skills to help you capture the heart of that special someone.” I can only imagine these are hypnotism, alcoholic fingers, a silver tongue, two faces, and a coat once worn by Georgio Armani.

Also in the store is a new red dye pack. It will let you dye things red. Lovely.

And the self style hair kit is enjoying a20% off discount.

Act now if you want to secure your love. Remember, the gamers that game together sometimes do other stuff together too.