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Meet Guild Wars 2’s Sky Pirates of Tyria


Guild Wars 2’s Dragon Bash is far from over. Since the event started, pirates called the Aetherblade’s have crashed the show. The latest update to Guild Wars 2 is to track these criminals down. That means a new story dungeon is being added to the game, known as the Aetherblade Retreat. There’s also two new permanent activities coming: a Scavenger Hunt and a new jumping puzzle. 

The Scavenger Hunt is an in-game event tied to the forthcoming Guild Wars novel, Sea of Sorrows, by Ree Soesbee. Players hunt around Lions Arch for twelve plaques which celebrate the main character of the novel, Cobiah Marriner. Those who complete the task will receive five skill points as a reward.

The new jumping puzzle is themed around the Aetherblades. Players battle pirates in a hidden airship while avoiding falling to their doom.

There’s a detailed list of what’s in the update on the Guild Wars 2 website.