Meet the Guild Wars Chef: Tyrian recipes made mouth-stuffingly real

Guild Wars 2

How’s your crafting? You might not have noticed it, what with all the thunderous steel-clashing you’ve been engaging in, but a key tenet of Guild Wars 2’s design ideology is that players be able to level up doing whatever they like. That can mean level 80 and an enviable pile of gold coins via nothing but apple pies and stuffed peppers, if you like, without so much as looking at a mob the wrong way.

And so it is in real life. Take the blogger, for instance, whose chosen expertise is the recreation of GW2 recipes in more tangible, aromatic form.

“In the MMORPG Guild Wars 2, one of the crafting professions you can pursue is that of chef,” writes the Guild Wars Chef, whose real name sadly eludes me. “This blog is an ongoing project where I come up with actual recipes to make each of the dishes a chef can make.”

New recipes are added every Wednesday, and today’s is Eda’s Apple Pie. Thankfully our Chef isn’t above tweaking the ratios a little to suit non-Tyrian tastes – a quarter-tablespoon of ground nutmeg, for instance, rather than the specified 43 seeds – but the gist and the aesthetics are exactly as you’d imagine.

We’re only into week seven at the time of writing, and there are hundreds of in-game recipes, so by my estimations we’re looking at project completion by about 2015.

But, oh. Will you just look at those cinnamon pinwheels?