MS Toga Party, Guild Wars charity event, raises Multiple Sclerosis awareness tomorrow


Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network are holding an “MS Toga Party” in the land of Tyria tomorrow, both past (Guild Wars) and present (Guild Wars 2). Coinciding with the North American wide multiple sclerosis (MS) awareness walks, the charity event aims to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. Guild Wars players will be meeting on the International District of Chahbek Village, while Guild Wars 2 players will be meeting in Divinity’s Reach on the Desolation server for Europe, and the Henge of Denravi server for America.

For us European folk in Guild Wars 2, Going Postal guild leader “HexDragon” is hosting the events on the Desolation server.

Here is the brimming itinerary for the day:

During the day enjoy the scavenger hunt!

  • At 1:00pm CDT (7:00pm BST) the Tyria Trek kicks off!
  • At 1:15pm CDT (7:15pm BST) the Race kicks off!
  • At 2:00pm CDT (8:00pm BST) the Fashion Show kicks off!
  • At 3:00pm CDT (9:00pm BST) the Costume brawl kicks off!

April 20th at 18:00 GMT (19:00 BST) is when it all kicks off, expecting to last until 22:00GMT (23:00 BST). Everyone is invited to tune in to GW-EN radio for coverage and giveaways during the events. Players are instructed to dye their clothes red and orange to match the colours of the MS charity. If they are in need of dyes, whisper “Rosa Salvitas” in-game for some free dyes!