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The Secret of Southsun coming this May to Guild Wars 2


Coming off the back of Retribution, Guild Wars 2’s living story will continue with The Secret of Southsun. The update will see players restore order to Southsun Cove allowing refugees from the Molten Alliance dungeons to live in peace. With The Secret of Southsun comes major improvements across the game: including the complete removal of player culling, multiple World vs World updates, and a Crab Toss mini game.


Southsun Cove was added to Guild Wars 2 in The Lost Shores update in November. Since the Karka threat was eliminated, it’s become a ghost town. A use was found for the empty island during the Flame and Frost update, where it became a haven for refugees. But even with the Molten Alliance driven back, Southsun isn’t safe yet.

In the new storyline, the heroes of Tyria will follow Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard as she attempts to make the island safe for refugees.

Culling was a system whereby moving objects within the game world weren’t rendered if the game didn’t deem them important. It was an attempt to conserve bandwidth and reduce the strain on player’s hardware. It was removed in Guild Wars 2’s World vs World; now it’s being banished for the PvE environment.

The World versus World improvements include traps: the only example so far is a trap that removes supply from enemy players. You can also now earn WvW XP in more ways, which should allow players to enjoy WvW without conforming to a standard style of play.

Hey: if you become dead good at crab tossing, do you become a Protoss? Just a thought.

Thanks GW2Guru.