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H1Z1 trailer asks what your evil ways will be


When the apocalypse hits, what manner of evil will you commit to survive? That’s the question at the heart of this splattery-good trailer for Sony’s open-world zombie MMO H1Z1. Alongside such questions comes footage of skidding automobiles, grand fortresses, and many, many dead people. 

Built on the grand PlanetSide 2 engine, H1Z1 looks to be the combination of DayZ and Rust that everyone has been crying out for (well, me at least). A strong crafting system will see bases and forts being assembled to protect your group from the undead shamblers, whilst the usual human behaviour will keep you on your toes as you seek out other dastardly players before they mug and murder your first.

The trailer notes that Steam Early Access is on the cards for H1Z1 very soon, something we’ve known for a while. No concrete date has been offered, but previous rumours place that date within weeks.