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H1Z1 has lost 91% of its players in the last seven months

h1z1 player count

Before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, H1Z1 was the battle royale title de jour. The game saw a major boom beginning in late 2016, but that success has dropped in recent months – hard.

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According to metric tracker GitHyp, H1Z1 has lost 91% of its player base since hitting a new peak in July 2017. The concurrent player record set then was 150,402, while the peak in the last 30 days was 17,652.

That’s partly down to the success of Fortnite and PUBG drawing off players from H1Z1, and partly due to players being unhappy with the game’s support from developers Daybreak. The title’s remained in Early Access since February 2016, and has seen some significant changes in focus during that time including a confusing split in branding before returning to the H1Z1 label.

H1Z1 remains a respectable regular on the Steam top 100, but that’s a far cry from the success it saw a year ago. The game’s been bleeding roughly a third of its players every month for the last half-year, a trend only briefly held off by a free week in December, much closer to the modest numbers it had on original release in 2016.

There are still tens of thousands of regular players, so don’t start digging a grave yet – but the precipitous drop is certainly concerning for H1Z1’s long-term future.