Hackers may have gained “personal data” in Crytek site security breach


Crytek were forced to pull down four of their myriad websites this weekend after spotting that most unwelcome of guests roaming its floors: “suspicious activity”. Since Friday the developers have been working to reinforce their URLs with extra-thick steel doors, and warned users via email that personal data might have stolen during the attack.

“Although it is uncertain whether the incident led to the copying and decryption of email addresses and passwords, it is possible that users with accounts at these websites have had personal data copied,” a company rep told users. “On Friday afternoon we started to contact all affected users via email and informed them of the potential security breach.”

Crytek.com, Mycryengine.com, Crydev.net, and MyCrysis.com were all affected by the breach, though three others – Crysis.com, Warface.com and GFACE.com, Crytek’s dormant social network – remained uncracked.

The rep didn’t reveal a timeframe for the websites’ reinstatement, but promised that details on that front would be “communicated as soon as possible”.

“We’re currently doing everything in our power to ensure our sites and, more importantly, our users, are not affected by such issues in future,” they added. “Once again, we would like to offer our sincere apologies to everyone affected by this incident, and thank our users for the level of understanding they have shown.”

Have you been caught up in all this? I was lucky enough to have my accounts tied up solely in the handful of sites unaffected. I guess we’ll all see each other the next time this inevitably happens, yeah?

Thanks, Polygon.