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Best Hades 2 weapons

This weapons tier list ranks all Hades 2 weapons in order from best to worst, to help you choose the best to accompany you through Erebus.

Melinoe wields the Sister Blades, the best Hades 2 weapons, as shadow falls over her face.

What are the best Hades 2 weapons? As you progress through Hades 2 in a bid to find and defeat Chronos, you can unlock new weapons at the Crossroads, provided you have the raw materials to do so.

All Hades 2 weapons are worthwhile in one way or another, and we’ve given them all a try against the Hades 2 bosses and lesser foes and have ranked them from best to worst. Of course, a variety of Hades 2 Gods are also waiting to support you, but choosing the best weapon in the roguelike game makes all the difference. We’ve listed the best weapons to prioritize in our Hades 2 weapons tier list below.

A list of the Hades 2 weapons in-game, with the details shown for the Argent Skull.

Hades 2 weapons tier list

All Hades 2 weapons are listed below, ranked in order from best to worst:

Tier Weapon
S Sister Blades
A Witch’s Staff, Argent Skull
B Umbral Flames, Moonstone Axe

Of course, the best Hades 2 weapons are further boosted by the best Hades 2 Boons, so combining them for your best available build on each run is essential. Once you have unlocked each of the weapons below, you can switch between them as much as you’d like, so you can give them all a try.

The attack description for Sister Blades, the best Hades 2 weapons.

The best Hades 2 weapons

Sister Blades

The Sister Blades are the first weapon you can unlock in Hades 2, as the Witch’s Staff is your starting weapon. Funnily enough, they’re also the best Hades 2 weapon, thanks to their quick melee speed and ranged special attack. The Sister Blades can occasionally struggle when you come up against a horde of enemies; make sure you stay on the move, and utilize your special to whittle foes down from a distance.

Witch’s Staff

Despite being your starting weapon, the Witch’s staff isn’t a bad choice. Like the Sister Blades, your basic attack is fast and deals a decent amount of damage – especially with certain boons to help – and you can deal a longer-range attack with your special moves, giving you the best of both worlds. The Witch’s Staff has a large area of damage for a melee weapon, so Hades 2 boons that take advantage of damaging a lot of foes at once are key.

Argent Skull

The Argent Skull is harder to use and unlock, but in comparison to the slower Moonstone Axe and ranged-only Umbral Flames, is a superb third choice. It’s worth the cost of one bronze and two G-Rocks thanks to its powerful explosive attacks but remains slightly behind our top two Hades 2 weapons due to its need for ammunition. Daedalus Hammer artifacts can dramatically improve the Argent Skull, with an upgrade that provides additional ammo being especially powerful.

Best Hades 2 weapons: a demi-god chooses between her array of weapons.

Best Hades 2 aspects

Melinoe has the choice between five weapons in Hades 2 early access, and each of these weapons has two aspects. The Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms aspects are a more specialized version of the weapon and often require a certain playstyle if you hope to reap their power.

Here are the most powerful aspects in Hades 2:

  • Argent Skull: Aspect of Persephone – this change to the Argent Skull empowers your omega special attack each time you deal damage. The play is to dance around, firing shots like normal, then use your omega special on the toughest of enemies to decimate them instantly. Especially powerful on bosses.
  • Moonstone Axe: Aspect of Melinoe – although this is an aspect for the basic version of the weapon, the improvements to the Aspect of Melinoe decrease the downtime between swings, turning this Nocturnal Arm into a nimble wrecking ball.
  • Witch’s Staff: Aspect of Circe – the Aspect of Circe allows you almost infinite mana so long as you’re auto-attacking. Not only do you gain rapid mana regeneration, but your omega moves are faster, allowing you to pour damage onto your enemies in no time at all.

As you prepare for your descent into the dungeons of Erebus, make sure you not only have the best Hades 2 weapons at your disposal but the best Hades 2 settings, too. A high FPS could be the difference between success and failure, and enjoying your experience as much as we did in our Hades 2 review – spoiler alert, we really enjoyed it.