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Following Hades 2, the original might just hit a huge new milestone

With the success of Hades 2, players are returning to where it all began; the original Hades is as popular as ever and it's on sale.

Hades 2 Zagreus wields a sword and crown of leaves

Hades is yet another fantastic game in the Supergiant catalog. While it’s been reported Hades 2 has launched with more to do than even the final build of Hades, it clearly isn’t enough, as the original has hit number ten in Steam’s top-sellers list.


Like its predeccessor, Hades 2 has launched in early access, and its popularity has led to the original almost hitting its all-time concurrent player peak. At the time of writing, Hades‘ 24-hour peak is 36,043, just shy of its all-time record of 37,749.

The Greek god indie game launched in early access in December 2018 and captured everyone’s heart. Protagonist Zagreus is a feisty and loveable scamp, and watching him mature and develop deep relationships with the wonderful underworld cast was a delight. Hades 2 began its own early-access journey Monday May 6, 2024, and fans are similarly enamored by Melinoë.

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It seems this renewed popularity is being driven by new players rather than old, as shown by Hades getting back into Steam’s top-sellers list. The story revolves around the prince of the underworld, Zagreus, and his quest to discover who he is by breaking to the surface. Once he does, the journey doesn’t stop, as Hades has a fully fleshed-out endgame that can keep you entertained for dozens of hours and hundreds of runs.

Collecting boons from Greek gods like Aphrodite, Zeus, Demeter, Apollo, and more leads to near-endless build possibilities and makes each dash through the pits of Tartarus the perfect blend of luck and skill. It’s clear to see how the mixing of powers in Transistor inspired the interactions between different gods and their boons here.

If you’ve not tried Hades yet, now is the perfect time to dive in and bust out of the underworld. Hades is on sale on Steam for $8.49 (£7.13).

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