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Half-Life 2’s excellent Minerva mod gets a Director’s Cut on Steam


Former Half-Life 2 modder Adam Foster is releasing a Director’s Cut of the episodic mod series that made his name, Minerva*, with a little help from the company he now works for – Valve. In its new edition, Minerva now features “tweaked visuals, bug fixes, better puzzles and all kinds of subtle improvements”.

Expect not the peculiar design paradigms built by fellow Source modder Robert Yang. No – Foster’s Minerva is famed for its excellent impersonation of an official Half-Life 2 episode you don’t have to wait literally forever for. The mod series is set to roughly the same clock and backdrop as Valve’s game, and even has you use Gordon’s toolkit, sans gravity gun. But it throws in some pleasingly vertical level design and an omnipotent narrator too – all for the bargain price of $0 / £0.

It’ll materialise on Steam later today, and look a lot like this:

Do any of you lot remember it? What do you remember?

Thanks to RPS and PC Gamer.

*Minerva isn’t his name, obvs. His name is Adam. Adam Foster.