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Home Alone and Half-Life meet in the mod you’ve all been asking for

half life home alone mod

Half-Life is an all-time classic of a first-person shooter. Home Alone is an all-time classic of a trap-the-burglar film. So naturally, someone has stepped to fill the obvious gap by making a Home Alone-themed mod for Half-Life 2. Now, after a seven year hiatus, the Half Alone mod is back on track to finally offer the gaming experience Home Alone fans have been waiting for.

It maybe shouldn’t be surprising that no Home Alone title has made our list of classic PC games. That’s only partly because there hasn’t been a PC Home Alone game.

The mod’s creator, meatball_lover, promises an accurate adaptation. “While the official games were very liberal with the source material,” says meatball_lover, “this mod aims to be very faithful.” You’re doing God’s work here, my friend.

Look at the attention to detail. Look at Michael Jordan on a train. We’re promised that the game will be using all original props, and progress already includes firecrackers, a BB gun, Buzz’s tarantula, and brick weapon that the camera follows end over end to its target. It’s all just so earnest.

Perhaps the official description of Half Alone says it better than I ever could. “Feet pounding, heart hammering, you sprint along the corridor, the metal of the BB gun cold against your hand. Welcome to a minute in the life of Kevin McCallister.”

Sadly, Ubisoft haven’t taken us up on our idea for a Rainbow Six Siege plus Home Alone crossover, so Half Alone might be the best we get. It’s apparently due for release in 2018.