Half-Life 2 is getting a community-made patch tomorrow; updates visuals and squashes bugs

Half-Life 2 Patch

It may not be as good as a Half-Life 3 announcement, but Valve – partnering with a bunch of talented community modders – are releasing a patch to Half-Life 2 that will improve it dramatically. Updated graphical details, particle effects, lighting work and most importantly, bug fixes are included.

The patch launches tomorrow, and is free to all that own the game.

Here’s a video comparing the game, and to the results of the patch once applied.

As well as all the upgrades and fixes, the mod also features a commentary mode that includes voices from well-known Youtubers, including Ross Scott from the Freeman’s Mind video series. If you haven’t see it, you need to stop what you’re doing and click here. Now.

The mod automatically unlocks on Steam tomorrow, but you’ll need a copy of Half-Life 2 to enjoy it. But who doesn’t, right?