HTC apologise for confusing people about Half-Life VR

Half-Life 2

There’s no such thing as Half-Life VR, and as far as we know Half-Life 3 isn’t going to be the launch title for Valve’s new VR technology. If you thought this was the case, though, it’s understandable: Valve’s partner in VR – mobile creators HTC – seemed to think that was what they were doing. Talking to the BBC at the start of GDC, HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang said the company was “co-operating with Half-Life”. 

Valve, however, knew nothing of this. A clarification from HTC later, and it appears that Wang meant to say ‘Valve’ rather than ‘Half-Life’. 

Providing clarification over the quote, Wang said to the BBC: “ I would like to apologise for any confusion caused when I referred to individual games titles,”

“In response to a question on specific games, I misspoke when I referred to our working together with Valve on a particular game, when instead I meant our collaboration with Valve on developing next-generation virtual reality experiences for gaming.

“I am very excited about the work we are doing with Valve, and look forward to bringing our HTC Vive to market later this year.”

The original interview with the BBC saw tech journalist Dave Lee ask if Half-Life would be a part of the company’s VR project, to which Wang responded: “We are co-operating with Half-Life, and I think… I hope, you know, it will be on it.”

With a quote like that, it’s easy to understand why half the internet suddenly got very excited. But stand down, people: this wasn’t the Half-Life 3 announcement you were waiting for.