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Valve have been trolling you about Half-Life 3

Half-Life 3 t-shirt april fool

As part of the roundtable at Valve HQ last week, some attendees asked the obvious: what’s the deal with a certain sequel? While no information was confirmed, as you’d expect, Gabe Newell and Greg Coomer - a communications specialist - explained why every so often the number three pops up. Mostly, trolling.

Here’s the full story of Half-Life 3 and what happened to it, as far as we know.

Regarding an image that came out of Valve HQ featuring a woman in a Vive and a desktop in the background with a suspicious, three-bearing logo in the background, Coomer said “It’s news to us that the picture is out, but it’s also news that this icon is on the screen,” report VentureBeat. “Honestly, those icons have floated around this office for quite a while. None of us are going to be able to tell you what that is or why that’s there.”

Perhaps more amusingly is Newell calling employees who’ve worn Half-Life 3 shirts to GDC “childish.” Also, Gabe Newell, the Gabe Newell, actually said the phrase ‘Half-Life 3’ out loud. That’s the first sign of the PC gaming apocalypse, hold onto your keyboards.

As for what Valve actually are working on, they’ve got three VR games in the pipe. They haven’t said anything about them. We wouldn’t recommend getting too excited.

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[GM] SocietyX avatarsintheticreality avatarhfm avatar
[GM] SocietyX Avatar
1 Year ago

At this point I doubt HL3 will ever surface. It's got too much hype on it which means if it ever released and didn't somehow mean the most everything to everyone, Valve would be blasted on about how the game took THIS long to be THIS not amazingly mind blowing. It would only hurt their revenue streams in Dota 2 and CSGO etc to spend time developing a game that could never be the thing it's hyped to be.

sintheticreality Avatar
1 Year ago

Because the dummies won't shut up about HL3. I LOVED HL1, 2 and the episodes... but it's over. Move on, people.

At this rate, HL3 is just a meme dumb kids say who likely have never ever even played any of the Half-Life games. It's just something to say so people can say back "I GET THAT REFERENCE!" That's all HL3 is.

GabeN's recent revelations about Valve's full support of VR hardware and software is far more important and significant than if they formally announced HL3 which, regardless of how good it'd be, it'd still just be a flat game.

hfm Avatar
1 Year ago

Three VR games you say? Well then...