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Valve are making new VR games and will announce them at Steam Dev Days 2017

Half-Life 3

Will 2017 be the year Valve finally count to three? It could well be, as they’ve said to expect some big software announcements from the company next year.

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Steam Dev Days 2016 was mostly about hardware, but Valve promised during the show that we’d see some big, VR-focused software announcements during next year’s show.

When Valve’s Greg Coomer took to the stage, he suggested next year wouldn’t disappoint software fans.

“Although we’re not going to treat Dev Days this year as the place or the time to make big product announcements related to the content that we have in development at Valve for virtual reality, I do think that once it becomes time to do that next year, nobody in this room is going to be disappointed,” said Coomer.

So, Half-Life 3 VR, anyone?

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