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Aliens by way of XCOM game, Halfway, gets mod support

halfway mod support robotality

Halfway, the turn-based strategy game that harks back to the original XCOM in its mechanics but with a story more akin to the Alien films, has just been updated with mod tools.

If you’ve burned through the original campaign you can either get started on your own or start chewing your desk while you wait for someone else to make one for you.

That’s not the only thing to have been added in the new update.

The update brings with it a new diffculty setting, game mode ++, which, frankly, just sounds intimidating. There are more enemies, tougher enemies, and less animation to send them on their merry way with.

The team say this is a “small thank you” to their existing players. Thanks a bunch.

The mod tools are tied into the Steam Workshop so you can find mods that others have created and easily add them to your build of Halfway. The team have provided instructions on how to publish to the Steam Workshop already. They’ve also started a wiki for mod support with details on how to use the tools.

Please, please, please someone remake the Alien films in this thing.