First Strike Games is a new multiplayer-focused studio made up of ex Halo 5 devs

Halo 5

First Strike Games, a Seattle-based Studio with a focus on creating multiplayer games, are open for business and are currently engaged in talks with investors and publishers for their debut release. 

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The studio is currently made up of three founders: CEO and design directorKevin Franklin,COO and executive producerBrian Lemon, andCTO and technical directorDoug Barnes.

Kevin, Brian, and Doug spent a combined 14 years leading teams on Halo 4 and Halo 5 at 343 Industries, and between them they have credits in games like Shenmue 2, Age of Empires 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and Gears of War 3.

All of these, basically:

First Strike Games

They certainly have the experience, and hopefully we’ll find out more next week when the team heads to GDC 2016. Pop over to First Stike Games’ official site for more information on the developers.