The Halo mod that adds new weapons and enemies now has lovely, smooth animations

Halo Custom Edition SPV3

A new version of the Halo Custom Edition SPV3 mod is now available, bringing new weapons, enemies, vehicles, and areas, as well as bonus skulls to Halo: Combat Evolved PC.

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As reported by Dark Side of Gaming, the new version also interpolates the framerate to make the animations smoother. As DSOG explain it, though the original version of Halo: CE runs at 60fps, its physics run at 30fps. So although the mod can’t fix or boost the physics framerate, it can make them “appear” smoother.

There’s also a new 2.1GB installer that contains the mod and Halo Custom Edition, but you’ll need Halo: Combat Evolved PC, and yes, it needs to be a legal version – no CD key, no play.

You can grab the file right here, or head on over to the SPV3 Reddit.

Installation 01, a Halo fangame aiming to bring the series’ multiplayer to PC, recently received official endorsement from Halo developer 343 Industries. As of now, it is “not under imminent legal threat.”