New AI character Isabel brings grave warnings in latest Halo Wars 2 vidoc

Isabel Halo Wars 2

More details of the story for RTS sequel Halo Wars 2 have been revealed in a short documentary featuring the game’s new AI character Isabel.

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The construct is similar to other AIs in the series, such as Cortana or Serina, but this one appears to be orange and wearing clothes. Ok Serina also had a sort of jumper thing, too.

But those aren’t the only differences between them, oh no, Isabel has seen some things and they have made her a little less outgoing than her fellow personal combat assistants.

“She’s freaked out, she’s seen all of her friends die, she’s seen her outpost destroyed,” says narrative director Kevin Grace. “She warns them that something bad is still on the Ark and that they need to run away.”

There are viable reasons to listen to her words this time, though, as the Ark is home to Atriox, a Covenant Brute with brains, which is another thing that has literally never happened before in Halo. Smart beefcakes, who comes up with this stuff?

Other new additions include spiked Wraiths which heavily armoured Covenant will ram the UNSC vehicles with, and the brave Captain James Cutter who prepares to square up to Atriox at the end of the trailer, possibly foolishly.

Halo Wars 2 is set for a Feburary 17 release on PC, and should have another beta for you to try out before then, after the E3 beta saw 72million minutes of gameplay.