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Halo Wars 2’s launch trailer makes strategy sexy again

Halo Wars 2 No Resources Blitz Mode

Look! It’s Maestro Chef, with his iconic helmet and… oh, he’s dead. These B-grade Spartans just won’t do. Judging by the Halo Wars 2 launch trailer, the humans are going to have their hands full in this conflict. 

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The new trailer shows off more of Atriox – a brute with a brain and the main antagonist of the game.

After having it out with the Covenant, he’s up for crushing some tiny demons. If only Master Chief was about to put an end to this.

Luckily, you’ve got a massive army at your disposal, so you can just send in the warthogs, tanks, spartans, and cannon fodder to try not get ripped in half by these huge creatures.

You’ll be strategising as the UNSC, commanding your units from the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a vast, modified colony ship that can supply an army. To keep the aliens from the Ark, another contraption with power over the Halo rings, you’ll need to think tactically and, judging by the trailer, shout at an AI a lot.

Halo Wars 2 is due for worldwide release on February 21, 2017. Have a watch of the new trailer embedded above.