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Harmonium the Musical release date estimate and latest news

Harmonium the Musical takes us on a wondrous, fantastical adventure through a fantasy landscape, and shows us how to feel the music we play.

When is the Harmonium the Musical release date? Melody Macato is a Deaf musician who longs to create a new type of music that people can feel, and one that is available and accessible to all of her friends. This venture takes her to a fantasy world called Harmonium, and face to face with an evil being named Cacophony.

Harmonium the Musical is an action-adventure game that presents music as something for everyone, utilizing American Sign Language and visual puzzles to weave its tale of good versus evil. It’s a sign language musical that takes its inspiration from Deaf theater, with characters communicating using ASL and show-stopping musical numbers.

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Harmonium the Musical release date estimate

We expect Harmonium the Musical to be released sometime in 2024 – from the looks of the trailer, Harmonium the Musical looks to be in the late stages of development, hinting that its release could be near.

Harmonium the Musical released a trailer at The Game Awards, showing off Melody and her idea of creating a visual medium for music to live through. She is pulled into Harmonium during this process, and we get a glimpse of the fantastical world, its inhabitants, and the rather evil-looking Cacophony.

The adventure game implements puzzle aspects into the gameplay in a traditional sense, but it also seeks to include sign language and other non-verbal communication in the adventure. The developers state that no prior sign language experience is required to play and that the player can utilize body language and handshapes to decipher what is going on.

Harmonium the Musical: a young girl runs through a forest.

Harmonium the Musical accessibility

The developer, The Odd Gentleman, is striving to create a fully inclusive adventure, with a host of accessibility features being available for launch. These are:

  • High-contrast gameplay mode.
  • No gameplay relies on audio alone.
  • All gameplay-connected music is represented through easily understood visual components.
  • Subtitles and full captions have a flexible display.
  • Flexible volume controls.
  • All gameplay visuals have corresponding and distinct audio.
  • All pertinent gameplay text is easily legible.
  • No information is conveyed by color alone.
  • Controls can be reconfigured and rebound.
  • Input adjusts holds to taps & toggles.
  • Motion sickness-friendly cameras/gameplay.
  • Avoids flashing and flickering within gameplay.
  • Gameplay does not require time limits.
  • Settings don’t reset between saves and play sessions.
  • Cursor can be easily identified and customized, as needed.
  • UI and HUD can be enlarged (or removed).
  • Menus and UI can be navigated by all users.
  • The game will include a menu narrator and the text can be adjusted in terms of font and size. Additionally, it can be navigated through varying controls.
  • All objective and narrative elements can be recalled at any point.
  • Players are given appropriate, additional hints to continue gameplay.
  • Glowing Mode for Interactive Objects.

That’s everything we know about Harmonium the Musical right now, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as and when more information becomes available. If you’re looking for something to play in the meantime, check out the best free PC games here, and the best co-op games, if you want to get your friends involved.