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Harvest Moon is coming to the PC with Seeds of Memories

Harvest Moon PC

Harvest Moon is coming to the PC, according to publisher Natsume. The new entry into the series, Seeds of Memories, is reported to be going back to its roots, like that of the original game for Super Nintendo.

Natsume made the announcement via Twitter:

Seeds of Memories will pit the player on bringing a rundown farm back to life, with collectables being up for grabs by making friends with villagers and completing tasks. Along with that, you can raise livestock, have pets, and get married to your choice of ten suitors.

It’s unsure if the PC version will be a direct port of the mobile version of the game, or if special attention will be given to the PC port.

Thanks Gematsu!

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Belimawr avatarNick Wilson avatarNinja Fried Rice avatarDaniel Mtanous - USA avatarFindaer avatarMrAptronym avatar+1
Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

was interested until I saw the mobile versions then realised it likely will be a micropayment game.

Nick Wilson Avatar
2 Years ago

Lets hope not =(.

Ninja Fried Rice Avatar
2 Years ago

Let's not waste hope on a for gone conclusion. It will be a micro transaction game.

Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar
2 Years ago

If it's made for iOS you better bet that it won't be a proper game.

Findaer Avatar
2 Years ago

Finally we can bring dating to Farmville again.

MrAptronym Avatar
2 Years ago

A reminder that, this game is by the former translators/ western publishers of the series, who came up with the 'harvest moon' name we use in the west. They are not actually the developers of any of the harvest moon games other than the last 3DS one..


The series of games formerly known as Harvest Moon is being published/translated in house by Marvelous now as 'story of seasons' while Natsume is now publishing new games under the Harvest Moon name. Now, I have nothing against Natsume, and would love to have a good game of this style on PC. But the first game they put out on 3DS "Harvest Moon 3D: the Lost Valley" was rather terrible. (44 on metacritic right now)


That, along with it potentially being a mobile port, make me pretty nervous. They claim it will be a return to the classic style of the game, but who know. I don't have high hopes, but I will keep an open mind.

[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
2 Years ago

If this fails, we still have Stardew Valley to look forward to I guess.