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Have a look at what the Witcher 2 mod tools are capable of


While we’ve still not personally had a chance to see The Witcher 2’s long-awaited mod tools in action, some screenshots have emerged of the types of locales beta testers have been making. They’re positively sumptuous.

While showing the tools off at last year’s Gamescom, CD Projeckt RED announced that we’d be able to begin playing with the powerful tech of the REDkit within the next 12 months. We’re nearly entering the final quarter of that allotted time frame so expect to hear more about the release of the tools soon.


Boats, birds, and beaches. Consider these features confirmed.


REDkit comes with ravine-making action.


Delight shepherds with red sky during night cycle.


CD Projekt are keeping quiet on whether you’ll be able to make levels without trees.



Cheers, Neogaf.