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Hawken closed beta begins tomorrow, and we have keys. Do you want in?


Hawken’s third closed beta opens tomorrow! That is to say, it will remain a closed sort of beta, but is now open to those in possession of a beta key. We have 5000 of them; more than we need, frankly. Would you like one?

Send us a message on Facebook, and we’ll send you back a code. All you’ll need to do is tell us you’d like a Hawken beta key, or words to that effect. For instance, you could say: “Jeremy! I am a brave, forward-facing human of the 21st Century and have all of my own teeth. I demand a Hawken beta key!”

The beta runs from November 20th until December 6th. The whole thing promises to be an unusually public and communal experience – there are no NDAs, meaning you’ll be free to record yourself blowing up over, and over, and over for the good people on YouTube.

So: send Facebook message, receive code, redeem code on beta site. Go!