Hawken’s new map screenshots reveal a woodland mecha


Forgive me, but sometimes I forget just how pretty Hawken is. Scroll through our N page and you’ll see hundreds of exquisite cockpits and swirling dust clouds. So many that, after a while, you’ll stop noticing them at all.

The game’s Last Eco map relocates mechageddon from the cities to the forest, and in doing so forces us to start fancying Adhesive’s game all over again.

The Last Eco overgrowth, says Hawken community manager Micah Monfrini, is one of the largest forests remaining on Hawken’s ravaged Prosk continent.

“Sentium long ago exhausted its natural lumber and deforested most of its territory to make space for urban areas, so they are keenly interested in this Prosk resource,” he writes. “After the Hawken virus outbreak, Prosk scientists discovered countless plant mutations and new strains of vegetation growing at every layer in the forest. They now believe that harvesting these glowing plants may hold the key to finding a cure for the virus.”

The map supports all of Hawken’s game modes – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault and Siege. And it looks like this:





The Last Eco is coming to the game before the end of August. Are you stomping about in there already? Or perhaps a new map will sufficient to lure you back?