Hawken trailer features jetpacking mechs, urban combat and live-action frowns


Cor, Hawken is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll have noticed as much in the screenshot above, and are due to notice further in the trailer below. But don’t assume that’s all it’s good for.

Yes, this live action-interspersed clip deals in Top Gun pilot archetypes – or less favourably termed, clichés. But, contrary to the corroboration-based science known as ‘popular opinion’, it turns out looks and intellect aren’t mutually exclusive traits.

Look closer at those jetpacks – the fuel of which must be carefully managed by pilots to punt themselves into the right position for getting the jump on a bad – and those arm-mounting cannons – prone to overheating, leaving pilots to find temporary cover – and you’ll see the makings of a tautly tactical multiplayer mech fantasy. We’ll know whether it’s come off in December, when the free-to-play indie game comes to PC.

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