Hawken trailer shows new map Facility in all its floating rock desert glory


How do you make a level set in a desert seem to take place on a distant world? Adhesive have opted for making a couple small boulders float a meter off the ground. It’s a cunning approach, if a little on the lacklustre side. Otherwise, Facility is looking like a pretty neat map. In the video below see how lots of wide open spaces welcome mech-on-mech action.

Facility loses something of what originally made Hawken an appealing mech-shooter, it’s tight city-based levels that allow for frantic close-quarters combat and ambushes but it’s good that developers Adhesive are exploring new types of level. Facility’s open plains will favour snipers and heavy mechs loaded up with artillery. Faster mechs, sporting machine guns and SRMs will need to close the distance quickly if they fancy a chance against their long-range foes.

Also, this more open map lends itself to the increased health that all mechs received last week. It’ll keep the little guys going that little bit longer while out in sight of the big guns.

Facility was released earlier this week as part of Hawken’s regular updates.