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Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta sign-up begins ahead of third-person pulverising in May

Did we mention that some of those Hazard Ops bots get pretty big?

Zombies Monsters Robots (known as Hazard Ops in Europe) is the Chinese-made shooter we first wrote about, ooo, yesterday. For better or worse, it frees third-person cover-darting from the part-time pacifistic handwringing of Spec Ops and Uncharted and pits players against humanoid targets which unequivocally deserve it: zombies, robots, Egyptian zombies, demons, zombie dogs, etc.

And it has news! There’s a closed beta happening shortly, and we’ve a PCGN exclusive new trailer here ready to tell you all about it – through the medium of guns.

Closed beta sign-ups will be happening over on the Zombies Monsters Robots website. Ten applicants will get special Early Access packages via raffle; many more will get to play the thing in May.

Zombies Monsters Robots smells a little like the (sometimes Resident Evil affiliated) shooters that’ve emerged from Capcom in recent years, in the hope of snaring a new Western audience weaned on Gears.

The difference here is that Yingpei Games have the pedigree to pull it off – the studio was once known as Epic Games China, and the North Carolina massive still have a small stake in Zombies Monsters Robots’ outcome.

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