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New, intensely realistic Steam strategy game feels like a WW2 XCOM

A super realistic, tactical, WW2 strategy game with shades of XCOM and Company of Heroes is finally available on Steam right this second.

Headquarters World War 2 Steam strategy game: Two tanks in Steam strategy game Headquarters World War 2

Civilization, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer – absolutely, these are all great. But the more I explore the RTS and 4X genres, the more I realize that I prefer my strategy small. Managing an entire army, society, or culture from formation to final conquest is rewarding, but there’s something more tactile and humane – something easier to connect to – when the focus is on the tiny, intricate decisions. In XCOM 2, rather than deciding to pursue the Space Race or build another World Wonder, you pour your energy into finding the perfect covering position to ambush a three-alien enemy squad. In Company of Heroes, you’re not about to win the whole war, but even successfully taking a barn or a crossroads feels like a tectonic win. Purifying this philosophy into an intensely realistic WW2 story, one new strategy game invites you to sweat, stress, and celebrate over the tiniest details. Available right now, this isn’t one to miss.

Headquarters World War 2 is almost frighteningly involved. A serious, sophisticated strategy game, it puts you in command of a mixed infantry and armored unit during the ferocious Battle of Normandy. Combat is turn-based, and dictated by a variety of complex – but not convoluted – factors.

Tanks, for example, have weak and strong spots depending on which flank is exposed. If you don’t position them correctly, the enemy will exploit their more brittle rear or topside armor. Similarly, infantry is vulnerable depending on different cover types. A thick concrete wall offers good defilade, but sheds and sheet metal are penetrated easily by enemy gunfire.

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It goes deeper than that, though. You might think that bundling all your troops inside a house or a bunker is enough to keep them safe, but Headquarters World War 2 boasts an impressive destructibility system, meaning tank shells and heavy weapons can quickly reduce your firing position to rubble. If an enemy has the high ground, they’ll gain an advantage in combat. Different terrain and weather types can impact line of sight.

Vehicles and weapons are modeled with supreme historical accuracy, and you’re also responsible for keeping your troops safe and motivated between battles. Heal, resupply, and assign them reinforcements to keep their morale high. If a squad loses a valued, central member, their spirits will drop, affecting their ability in combat.

There are three separate single-player campaigns, as well as skirmish battles that you can play competitively or in 2 versus 2 co-op. A seriously impressive, realistic strategy game, if you want to try Headquarters: World War 2, it’s out now and available right here.

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