Hearthstone closed beta is live for lucky individuals


Blizzard’s mighty CCG is out now; read our Hearthstone review to see what we thought of it.

Blizzard have announced that their collectable card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has just entered closed beta. That means any day soon you’ll be seeing screenshots, video footage, and even perhaps an invite of your own spring up. 

Right now the closed beta is only taking on testers from the American region of the world, so everyone else can just pipe down a little. All you residents of the US though should check your emails now, provided you have a Battle.net account that’s opted into beta tests. If you’re not sure if your account is beta-friendly, run now to the Battle.net Beta Profile page and tick all the right boxes to opt-in. Then just sit and patiently wait.

The closed beta will be taking in new players in waves, and will last as long as Blizzard wants it to. There is predicted to be a cull of all player cards sometime through the beta test after Blizzard have established what cards are OP or otherwise unbalanced, but appart from that testers are free to start their collections right now. You’ll be able to spend real money on cards, which will be refunded to players with in-game gold following the balancing wipe to prevent true loss of cash.

There’s no word of an Europe or any other region closed beta at the moment, but it’s probably wise to keep an eye on both your inbox and the Hearthstone blog just in case.