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Hearthstone adds Deck Recipes to help and inspire deck-building players


Deck Recipes are coming to Hearthstone with the aim of inspiring beginners who are building their first functional decks.

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The new feature will quickly craft a solid deck for you to use in the Tavern and will be accessible by heading to Collection Manager via the “My Collection” button, selecting the “New Deck” option under “My Decks,” and picking your class; then you’ll see the Deck Recipes on the left-hand side.

There are three Deck Recipes per class, with one classic and two themed. The latter are more experimental, while the former are the solid foundation of that specific class.

“Themed recipes revolve around certain card types or mechanics, and generally promote synergy between the cards included in the recipe,” explains the Battle.net post. “These slightly more advanced decks each promote a specific playstyle, and are better suited for more experienced players looking to try something new.”

As for the classic: “Each classic recipe consists of only Basic and Classic cards, and provides a good foundation for you to get started on building most traditional decks. Newer players will find that the classic recipe is a great tool to get familiar with the deck-building process, but they can also serve as a handy shortcut for veteran players looking to get a new deck started.”

Head over to the official announcement for some examples. Now we just have to wait for the mysterious Hearthstone announcement on March 11.