Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain: all the new cards

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain New Cards

Update 30/03/15: Every Blackrock Mountain card has been revealed – check out the full spoilers below!

Update: Check out our Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain card guide.

It’s official: Hearthstone is getting some more cards. Blackrock Mountain will be the second adventure to hit Blizzard’s online CCG – with it a five winged raid, rewarding a total of 31 shiny new cards upon completion.

Below, you’ll find all the latest Blackrock Mountain cards spoiled to date, with more being added as they make their way out from the depths of the Molten Core.

The set so far was a very strong relationship with dragon creatures; often cards will perform extra abilities if you’ve got dragons in your deck. Some, like the Core Rager, reward you for having an empty hand – a state which is often seen as rather dire. Others like Lava Shock, completely negate a Shaman’s Overlord mechanic, an extra cost inflicted by using thier most powerful spells and minions.


Rend Blackhand 2Nefarian Hearthstone BR

Majordomo Exectus BRMChromaggus BRM

Emperor Thuarissan BRMGrim Patron 2

Dragon EggBlackWing Technician 2Volcanic Drake Hearthstone BRHungry Dragon 2Dragon SorcererBlackwing CurruoptuerDrakonid Crusher


Volcanic Lumberer BRMDruid of the Flame BRM


Hunter BR HSQuick Shot BRM


Firewalker HSFireDragon HS Blackrock


Dragon Consort BRMSolemn Vigil BRM


Resurrect BRMTwilight Whelp


Dark Iron SkulkerGang Up BRM


Lava ShockFireguard Destroyer BRM


Demonwrath BRMBlackrock Warlorkc Card


Revenge BRMAxe Flinger