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Hearthstone League of Explorers final location now open, complete the staff and the journey

Hearthstone League of Explorers finale

If you’ve been battling your way through Hearthstone’s latest solo adventure League of Explorers, it’s time to shuffle your decks and sit back down at the game table. The final location of the quest is now available, bringing the whole thing to its conclusion.

Need help getting this far? Then let ourLeague of Explorers adventure guidepoint you in the right direction.

The final area of the solo adventure is the Hall of Explorers, home to Azeroth’s preeminent archaeological society and a huge collection of ancient relics. Here you will put together the parts of the Staff of Origination and discover just what happens when it’s made whole again. No doubt something magical, and resulting in people to battle via the medium of playing cards.

League of Explorers has 45 new cards, including 9 class-specific cards from Class Challenges, as well as two new game boards. Everything is now available, so you just need log into Hearthstone to get started.