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Hearthstone’s new Tavern Brawl doubles all deathrattle effects


It’s another Tavern Brawl Wednesday and this time around Hearthstone’s custom mode is making all your minions trigger their on-death effects twice. It’s another build-your-own-deck style one so you’ve got the whole card pool to choose from while building. Here’s our tips for victory.

It seems to me the best class to take to battle is almost certainly Warlock, as they already have two constructed-viable decks that revolve around multiple deathrattle triggers. Just grab the best Naxx cards and go to town, particularly Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper. Throw in all the Piloted Shredders and friends you have and you’re good to go. Do note that while it’s tempting to put Dreadsteed into these decks, he will inevitably flood your field almost immediately – from that point forward you better be happy with 7 1/1s, because that’s all you’re getting. I’ve so far had a lot of luck with my opponents mind controlling my Dreadsteeds, flooding their own board and then me winning due to already being ahead on damage.

A few notes on random cards that you may not have fully twigged on. Baron Rivendare doesn’t actually do anything, as the game is already operating with his effect on permanently. He does not add a third or fourth trigger as you may be hoping. Undertaker really isn’t worth it – you’re playing the Deathrattle cards because they’re massively buffed, there’s no point using a couple of slots on a weak card just because it has some synergy. On the other hand, Lil’ Exorcist is unlikely to ever be less than a 4/5 or bigger and will often reach 6/7 and up.

Leper Gnome is fairly obscene when he domes your opponent for 4. There’s some excellent secret decks to be built with Mad Scientist too, but the aggressive nature of the Brawl probably makes a 2/2 for 2 too slow, no matter how many cards he plays for you. Obviously if you happen to own a Sylvanas, she’s even more busted here than she is elsewhere.

Happy brawling! Leave a comment below with anything you’ve had surprising success with.