Say Hallow to Hearthstone’s new Ranked Play Season card back

Hearthstone: all hallowed up.

Even if you take the open beta as your starting point, Hearthstone is still a few months off its first birthday. But its top players are already hardened veterans of its meta, and the game’s just now entering its seventh ranked play season.

It’s October, which Blizzard have deemed close enough to competive gaming’s favourite holiday. Hit Rank 20 during this month’s season and you’ll land the new Hallow’s End card back.

“It’s not a trick,” scream the devs as they’re pulled offstage. “It’s a treat!”

“Beware! Wisps, wraiths, and ghastly ghosts alike can float up the Ranked Play ladder to earn the hauntingly beautiful Hallow’s End card back!,” write Blizzard. “You can only earn this card back by playing Hearthstone during the month of October.”

This, ah, treat will redecorate every card in your deck with a single pumpkin. Each pumpkin has had Hearthstone’s trademark swirl haphazardly hacked into it in the place of the traditional malevolent grin.

Opponents can see unorthodox card backs too, so there’s potential for showing off and intimidation.

The new season’s now live, so any games you win in ranked play mode will contribute to your monthly standing. Rank 20 players will receive the Hallow’s End card back at the end of October.

One season’s rankings don’t continue on into the next, but the higher you climb, the more bonus stars you’ll receive – boosting you a short way up the ladder next season.

Do you play Hearthstone at all competitively? Or do you consider the CCG perfect lunchbreak fodder?